Four6Zero/Hero Of The Week 30th Jan 2013

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Four6Hero: Phil Parkinson

It’s been a week where David has looked at Goliath in the face and told him, “Oi bruv I ain’t takin your shit  no more.” The cups have seen more banana skins than a Mario Kart course and there have been slips by Villa (twice), Norwich, Spurs, QPR and Liverpool.

The FA Cup has been a bit crap in recent years but this weekend saw amazing achievements for Oldham, MK Dons, Leeds, Millwall, and most impressively Luton.

However the cupset of the week award goes to Bradford City and their manager Phil Parkinson for prevailing over two legs to reach the final of the League Cup. They followed up earlier giant killings vs Wigan and Arsenal by beating a forlorn Villa over 180 minutes.

Bantams: The Giant Slayers

An incredible achievement from a League Two club. They have been scrapping in defence and using that favourite underdog go-to-move in attack, the set piece, very effectively.

Their opponents in the final will be another Premier League outfit, the admirable Swansea City.  Revered for their rise from the fourth tier to the top in under a decade, the Swans are exactly the club the Bantams should try and emulate.


Four6Zero: Cristiano Ronaldo

So he scores a perfect hattrick in 10 minutes. He’s thinking, “I don’t need no Ballon D’or what I really want is for Real Madrid to campaign for the Four6Hero of the week award. When the big global accolades are dished out he always seems to come up just short.

Mesut! I dont like short, skilful, left footed no 10′s

He’s continuously playing second fiddle to that man. This weekend that man, playing first fiddle, took the glory away again by selfishly scoring four for Barcelona. CR7 only scored three – what a shitter.

There is a big danger we underestimate the impact of CR7 as he is invariably and unfairly cast in the shadow of that man. I’ll be honest, I am one of those that takes  Ronaldo for granted and I need to appreciate him more for what he does do. Rarely are other top players criticised for not being that man but Cristiano has to contend with it.

That said, being runner up regularly to that man clearly winds up the stroppy star and that in itself is really quite funny.

His hattrick at the weekend was his 19th for Los Blancos. Only 19! That’s one in less than every 10 games. We all know a serious baller would do it in under 9.

That ten minute triple took his tally to 195 goals in 3 and a half years since signing for the Bernabeu Boys in 2009. Rubbish.

On top of that, for the first time in ages, he didn’t manage to score versus Barca tonight. He’s lost it. They might as well sell the dick.

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